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Hi, my name is Dhanvi Juthani and I'm a Graphic Design & Multimedia graduate. I have been exposed to this field for a very long time. I realized I had a keen understanding and interest in art since the age of 3, as it happens.
I studied humanities in junior college, did my foundation in Communication Design from Sophia College, Mumbai; completed a bachelor's from Tata Institute of Social Sciences before pursuing my post-grad degree in Advertising & Communications from SCM, Sophia College, Mumbai. Working with various clients, I've developed a deeper understanding of the industry and what different people and brands want and need. 

I've always been inclined towards communications & art. The process of inducing verbally as well as via artworks is something that I've always found very enthralling. Art has always been my passion, but for some years now, advertising is something that I'm keen on learning about. I feel I could create more relevant content combining the two. My recent interests include film-making and photography is also something I'm majorly inclined towards. I love exploring new things & adventuring my way through life. 

I'm based in Bombay, India. That's something about me, let me know something about you too! 


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